The UK’s first open-data cities conference – focusing on how publicly-funded organisations can engage with citizens to build more creative, prosperous and accountable communities.


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  1. Hello,

    My name is Momoko Price, I work at a data-collaboration startup called BuzzData.

    I just wanted to pass on word about a data visualization contest that might be a lot of fun for your group of data enthusiasts — the EIU has just launched a month-long contest to see who can prove where the best city in the world to live is with data-mining and visualization. Deadline March 4, prize $10K, and the winning submission may be adopted by the EIU as their new way to gauge urban quality of life …

    I’m currently thinking of organizing an international hackday this month that focuses on brainstorming and completing projects for this “Find the Best City in the World” contest. Not sure if this is something you would want to join, but everything competition-wise is pretty much all set up, in terms of eligibility, prize, legals — anyone in the world (of age of majority) can enter — and how to enter/submit their work. The logistics of organizing a datamining jam for this would be not much more than finding a venue and gathering friends.
    Let me know if you think it’s something that you guys might dig …

    Details here:

    Please forward to whoever you think might be interested!

    Cheers, Momoko Price (BuzzData staff)

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